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04 czerwca 2022

Hi! I think I can say that it's already summer time. How do you feel about your body? I hope you all accept yourselves! I gave birth last year and I'm now 6 months pregnant, again! So you can imagine that my body doesn't look as it did. However, I don't care because what it has gone through is something amazing so I love it anyway!

I'm not crazy about the way how my body looks, I'm not ashame of some additional fat, cellulite or stretch marks. This is how it is and it's fine. 
Although I accept myself, there are some occassions, some special events when I just want to look fantastic, I want to feel sexy and I want to impress people, mainly my husband. This is why, I may use shapewear bodysuits to make me look and feel better. There's nothing wrong in improving ourselves. There are specific outfits that look better when we have a sculpted body. 

As you can see above, there are a lot of different types of bodysuits. You can choose a bodysuit covering body parts from a chest to tights, arms or just a belly. Obviously, it's not everything. There are more! There are bodysuits with pads on your butt or long sleeve body shapers to improve only your arms and chest. If there is something, you don't like in yourself and you would like to make it look better, you will find a perfect body shaper at Sculptshe.

When  it comes to me, I think that something like a waist trainer wrap would be the best for me. Because of my two pregnancies in a really short time, my waist and belly are not the same as they were a couple of years ago. It's not easy to grow a baby inside, skin not only needs to extend itself but also it has a hard task of carrying quite nice additional weight. I'm sure that such a wrap will help to keep my body in a right position and will change my skin to be elastic again. No one wants to have  stretched and floppy skin on a belly, so we need to remember to take care of every body part that we want to improve.

Let me know, which bodysuit or body shaper would you choose!

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  1. Na pewno warto mieć takie body :)

  2. Myślę, że wybrałabym coś dla siebie.

  3. Bardzo serdecznie gratuluję tobie kolejnej ciąży. A co do body i bielizny korygującej, to przez lata na siłę ściskałam moje ciało i korygowałam. Teraz odpuściłam, zaakceptowałam je takim, jakie jest, jestem mu wdzięczna za to, co przeszło i nie chcę, by męczyło się w tego typu bieliźnie.

  4. It remains to me about SKIMS by Kim Kardashian. If this is like a less expensive version of that, then why not?

  5. Hm, Many women's clothes is really very interesting but personally I am not interested in fashion :) I also personally think that every choice clothes is good, which are convenient :) Everyone chooices what they like ;)

    Best wishes and have a nice day,


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