Liquid silicone products - great for you and for your baby!

25 września 2022

Hi! How are you? Tell me, what are you up to and what's new! I'm sure that this automnal vibe and colder weather make a big change for all of you! I love it and I couldn't wait for it! Especially right now when I have a one-year old daughter and I'm having a baby boy really soon! And as a mother, I do really love to buy only great quality things for my children but also products that are going to make my life easier.

Have you ever heard about the silicone rubber? it is is a material widely used in industry, including kitchen utensils, feeding sets, specific products for babies and mothers and a lot of more! We are also building our dream house so there are a lot of different stuff that may be useful for us.

Silicone products for babies!

I do really love using silicone feeding sets, especially these divided ones and with the possibility of suction, that you can just stick do the table and baby cannot move them! They are useful because babies can eat themselves and can choose whatever they want to eat. What's more, they look very modern and I love that style. There is no problem with washing them, so really great option!

As well as the the baby teethers! We have used them a lot and they were always the best option for our daughter, she's been feeling so much better after biting them. Besides that, silicone toothbrushes or toys are also aomething that should get your attention.

Kitchen stuff!

As I've said, we are building a house and I hope that soon we will buy all needed equipment. Even though, my husband is a cook so he's going to be responsible for everything that will happen in a kitchen, I love buying new things that look good, are high quality and useful, so this time I will buy for sure silicone kitchenware.
I love the idea of folding e.g. storage containers or silicone placemat bulks to save space and to keep everything organized. This is exactly how I visualise my home in the future ;).

And what do you think about using silicone products at home? Let me know! And if you have something in your mind that I should have, write about it!

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