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22 stycznia 2023

Hi! Who doesn't know the phrase Newy Year = New Me? This time of the year is something that I really love! I just love starting something new, like a new chapter. This is me. Even though, it's hard for me to fulfill my aims and goals in the new year, I always try and it always makes me happy, just to know that I can start everything from the very beginning. One of the resolutions always relates to my apperance, my body, clothes I wear, make-up etc.

I believe that this year is going to be my year of a total glow-up, after two deliveries within one year and a half, after sitting at home for more than 2 years, I believe that some day in October or November I will feel like myself again, I will look good, I will like taking care of myself again and I will have time for rhat. I do really want to change my wardrobe. I will need some new clothes like a shapewear maxi dress. I love maxi dresses but I need something to make my body look slimmer and better to feel fine. And I love the things you can find on, dresses that are casual but at the same time you can style them in a more elegant way and what's more they make your body look amazing! There is a shapewear attached to the dress so you don;t have to wear separate shapewear which is amazing.

But not only maxi dresses you can find there! There is also a shapewear dress that I can wear every day and feel amazing. Especially, summer this year may be really hot, I want to use it. Although I hate hot weather, having kids makes me want to do something cool with them to create memories. So I have a plan to take trips, have fun and look nice. But as you can see they are for every season.

There is one thing that makes me worried about this year. I obviously know that after having two kids, my body won't look smooth and sexy as it used to be. I need to look through my clothes and check what fits me, what I want to leave and still be wearing. Luckily, even if something doesn't really fit me and I really wouldn't like to throw that away, fortunately there is a backless strapless bodysuit, which is going to change the look of my body. I'm sure there will be clothes in which my belly will look big or my butts and legs won't look nice, so I will use such a shapewear to wear underneath my clothes. Thanks to that I wouldn't have to throw my clothes away and buy new one. So stay tunned, some time this year the glow-up will happen!

What about your glow-ups and plans for this year? :)

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